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We never stop creating , therefore we have a collection of our ideas and previous works
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Eritqaa Content Creation

  • Design
  • Social Media Content
Eritqaa is a Business legal consultancy company. They help their clients establish businesses in Istanbul and guide them through the
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Ahmar Akademi

  • Branding
  • Mock-ups
Ahmar Akademi Brand Ahmar Akademi ; which Translates to Red Academy , is a language school based in Istanbul ,
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Turkey Lines

  • Smart Solutions

The story   CRM and Business Management Systems can be a hassle to handle for most businesses, Our Client Turkey

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  • Branding
  • Mock-ups
89Skips 89Skips is a brand idea our team came up with while working on designing our personal brand. We decided

Our services

Spherical Mind Provides a Single stop to all your Digital Reality Needs


What you do you do best. But we know how to make you look awesome while doing it. Your brand is what your client will see when interacting with your business , and we want them to see the best of you.

Link Building

Building High Quality links. Increasing your domain Authority so you can rank higher on search engines. Giving you forever lasting organic traffic

Digital Transformation

Helping you take the big step . Say goodbye to the hard old ways , and allow us to help you find the solutions you need.


We like you. And we want Search engines to like you too. Search engine optimization is the best long term investment you can make for your site. We’ll fix your site and optimize it, allowing you to rank higher and get seen more often by the right people

Creative Content

Content is everything your audience care about. We’ll make content that will spark interest and will encourage following. creative content is content your audience can’t wait to have more of.

Paid Campaigns

Creating and managing Paid campaigns across multiple platforms ( Adwords, Facebook Advert, Twitter ), Using the best technologies to drive interaction from your audience.


From Istanbul to the World. We in Spherical mind love to think and create. which is exactly what we do as a business. We like to be in the sweet spot between being wildly creative and witty. building strategies that motivate actions by humans, and creating designs as unique as human neural networks.
Stop Thinking flat and add dimension to your ideas

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Here is what our team has been thinking about lately


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